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Is there a generic drug for propecia

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Propecia vs generic version (20 mg tablets) Women taking the 20 mg daily pill have been found to better response than those taking the generic brand, but there's been no study to date that shows one pill is better than another or that the generic pills are safe. Other factors to take into account: The FDA says it encourages doctors to choose a brand and dosage that's "reasonable necessary" for the condition and that there is no advantage in using generic medications. (Emphasis added.) How can I safely take the generic version of Propecia? If you take the 20 mg daily Propecia (propranolol), the risk of side effects from taking the generic drug is about same as taking the Acetazolamide 250 mg cost 20 mg pill, according to the FDA. What if I take the generic Propecia (propranolol) and it makes me feel ill? Don't worry, the side effects from generic drug are very similar to side effects from the 20 mg Propecia pill. It would likely be best to take the generic drug while taking 20 mg Propecia at the same time. Should I take Propecia while I'm pregnant? There is no proven link between Propecia and birth defects in pregnant women. However, many women find the medication reduces their menstrual periods. If you have a family history of breast cancer, Propecia can be dangerous during pregnancy. However, many women who take the drug do not have breast cancer. Who should not take Propecia (propranolol)? Women with uncontrolled blood pressure and heart problems should not take the drug. What about blood thinning drugs? Women who take the medicine for benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) should get a blood thinning drug before and during the Propecia (propranolol) treatment if possible. (Note: The Propecia (propranolol) pill is available as a generic form. In addition, there is a generic form of spironolactone (Zoloft) which is also prescribed to help keep your cholesterol levels in check.) How can I prevent my son from developing prostate cancer? The risk of developing prostate cancer is lowest in African American men and those aged 35 older - ages where Propecia (propranolol) is most useful. If a man has family history of prostate cancer, he may have a smaller risk of developing prostate cancer after taking Propecia. Prostate cancer topical propecia for hair loss can become advanced after a few years on Propecia. So the American 5mg propecia for sale Cancer Society recommends that men who have been taking the same drug for at least 10 years should have their prostate-cancer risk reassessed using tests such as PSA tests. If a man is taking Propecia and has prostate cancer in the future, it's best to have PSA tests done as early possible. In most cases, Propecia is not effective in preventing prostate cancer. However, Propecia can help a man's chances of surviving prostate cancer by reducing hot flashes. flashes are a symptom of very serious prostate problem called prostatitis. Where can I get more information on Propecia? Propecia (propranolol) drug brochures can be purchased online at www.Propecia.com or in the U.S. by calling 800-526-1772. Also in Canada and Europe, Propecia (propranolol) can be purchased by calling: Hospira (416) 588-9000 Propecia Medication Information www.Propecia.com How much does Propecia cost? The generic version of Propecia (propranolol) costs $55 per 100 mg tablet. The brand name product costs $10 per 100 mg tablet. There is a new version of Propecia (propranolol) that is prescribed for men with PCOS, called Pregna (tadalafil), which is available in Canada and the European Union since October 2006. Who can I call if have any questions about the Propecia (propranolol) medication? If you have any questions about the Propecia (propranolol) medication including questions or concerns about your medical condition or symptoms, call the Propecia Help Line at 1-877-227-7447 or talk to your doctor. How does Propecia work? Propecia (propranolol) works by slowing the growth of male sex cells (prostate cells) and other female sex cells (ovaries). The growth of male sex cells (prostate cells) slows, and the growth of female sex cells (ovaries) accelerates, by binding to the same receptors used in suppressing puberty.

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